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Experience leads to excellence

We are farmers and direct producers

This is the story of a meeting between two families, united by a passion for their land.

Year 1974, Peppino Di Capri was singing "Champagne," and the then 28-year-old Michele, third-born son of Beniamino Placido and Maria Iazzetti, was acting alongside Ugo Tognazzi and Ornella Muti in "romanzo popolare," directed by Mario Monicelli... Twenty-one-year-old Domenico was working in the fields under the guidance of his father Rocco.

It was in the summer, the two large families spent days together in the countryside of Ascoli Satriano, at Masseria Volpone. The two boys thus formed a deep friendship. Mimmo was transplanting ancient strains from his grandfather Domenico that year. Michele meanwhile had become one of the most sought-after actors in Italy and abroad, joining his friend as soon as he could and returning, thus, to savor the scents of his land.

All our DNA, the ancient history of Nero di Troia, in a bottle.

The territory of Placido Volpone

The fruits of our land are grown in the territory of ancient Herdonia, first hill on the Tavoliere delle Puglie, the simultaneously sunniest, driest, windiest area of continental Italy. The wine, son of generations of farmers and artists, is the product of winemaking with ancient techniques and state-of-the-art equipment. Tradition and continuous innovation, this is the path that "Placido Volpone" follows.

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A place to enjoy slow time

In 2022 we inaugurated our Vinoteca Placido Volpone. An exhibition point of sale within our company (in Ordona) to get in direct contact with the people who make up our reality.

Tastings, guidance on selection and pairings, and educational events are just some of the Experiences that you can enjoy inside our Vinoteca.

The Production

The Placido Volpone Winery is the first winery in the world to certify the supply chain of its Falanghina wine on blockchain (a distributed and unchangeable registry, born with cryptocurrencies, that allows tracking the production of any type of product, with the aim of guaranteeing the provenance and quality of the finished products); a project in collaboration with Ernst&Young and EzLab, certifying the world's first "Virtual Km0" wine.